Downloading: Multiple Description Coding Privacy and Quality Preserving Systems
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Multiple Description Coding Privacy and Quality Preserving Systems

Dr. Aravinda T V, Mamatha O

Abstract: With the popularity of mobile wireless devices equipped with various kinds of sensing abilities, a new service paradigm named participatory sensing has emerged to provide users with brand new life experience. However, the wide application of participatory sensing has its own challenges, among which privacy and multimedia data quality preservations are two critical problems. Unfortunately, none of the existing work has fully solved the problem of privacy and quality preserving participatory sensing with multimedia data. In this paper, in this proposing description, which is the first k-anonymous privacy preserving scheme for participatory sensing with multimedia data Description integrates a data coding technique and message transfer strategies, to achieve strong protection of participants privacy, while maintaining high data quality. Specifically, we study two kinds of data transfer strategies, namely transfer on meet up (TMU) and minimal cost transfer (MCT). For MCT, in this paper proposing two different but complimentary algorithms, including an approximation algorithm and a heuristic algorithm, subject to different strengths of the requirement. Furthermore, we have implemented description and evaluated its performance using publicly released taxi traces. The evaluation results show that description achieves high data quality, with low computation and communication overhead.

Keywords: Participatory sensing, privacy preservation, K-anonymity, erasure coding