Downloading: Parametric Analysis of Flow through Microchannels
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Parametric Analysis of Flow through Microchannels

Misba Jan, Mohd Islam, Asif Aslam

Abstract: This paper attempts to provide the extensive discussions based on the experimental work performed on a microchannel heat exchanger setup. The discussion begins with the description of the experimental setup and the requisite procedure which is followed by the results obtained during the course of work. The paper signifies the various conditions which somehow affect the flow and heat transfer characteristics in microchannels. The application of fluid flow in microchannels is used for thermal management in the various fields which include biotechnology, aerospace, mechatronics, and microelectronic devices. It is expected that the work provided in this paper will help the reader to analyse the practical design problems, where these results can be applied. Moreover, the information provided would be useful and of interest to the readers in this new domain.

Keywords: Microchannels, fluid flow characteristics, heat transfer rate, Reynolds number, pressure drop, friction factor, and Nusselt number