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Business Metadata: Linking Enterprise Goals with Data Warehouse

Ruchi Thakur, Anika Gupta

Abstract: Business Organisations use Data Warehouses (DWHs) to analyze their performance. Performance is judged in regard to the goal achievement. Data warehouses and OLAP tools are based on a multidimensional data model.Thisideal views data in the form of a data cube. Enterprises often model their goals in terms of formal or semiformal goal models. The problem is that the Data Warehouse and the Enterprise Goals - are described independently and are not related to each other. We identify a need for combining the two aspects. If their relation is made explicit, it can be used to encourage the way user access and interpret data in the Datawarehouse. To address this limitation, this paper introduces a linking model between enterprise goals and DWH metamodels for both aspects as well as the weaving links between them described, which helps to demonstrate the aspects separately but also in combination.It also includes benefits, needs, and a real time applications of business metadata.Also it is demonstrated to how to use the weaving links to create business metadata. Business metadata can be used in the DWH to define the business situations and inferences of the data to the users.

Keywords: Datawarehouse, Metadata, ATLAS, UML, EDM