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?The Ethics of Sustainability? - A Debatable Outline for the Security of Man and Nature

Rabin Das, Ramu Guchhait

Abstract: The issue is about what we regard as ethically acceptable in terms of the distribution of well-being, sacrifice and risks between rich and poor, the present and future and humans and non-humans.The ethical framework of economic contractarinism and utilitarianism may be unable to cope with the concerns of sustainability, but what should be put in its place The first would be the most extensive basic equity/liberties for each person consistent with a similar liberty for each others (Equity within generation). There should be no social and economic inequalities like authority and wealth. The fundamental problem of utilitarianism is that it does not take seriously the distinction between individuals but it takes the choice for one person to maximize happiness. Second would be the equity between generations (inter-generation equity). Each generation would save the resources in order to enable to next generation to enjoy better life, because they care about their descendents. Each generation would benefited by previous accumulated capital and resources. Third would be an alternative approach to sustainability pioneered by John Pezzy is appealing to genetically based motivations. Human beings generally show a great deal of concern for their childrens future but they dont care about anybody elses children. The nature of the situation means that individuals concern about their children is not enough, sustainability is a public good which requires public polices to influence behaviour. The next will be principle concept of environmentalism. We should care about our environment at any stage of decision making in case of socio- economic concerns. Liberalism and socialism what would be the way of sustainability That is not big concern but it should be remembered that every decision should made by look after as well as the environmental concern and also the concern about the need of future generation. At last, it would be said that ethics for sustainability to be spoken and remembered but not in actual work as it is popularized in paper and pen. Then it would say to all of them that man can change and nature cant tolerate.

Keywords: economic contractarinism, utilitarianism, basic equity/liberties, sustainability, environmentalism, Liberalism and socialism