Downloading: Safety Locking System of Car Door Using Sensors
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Safety Locking System of Car Door Using Sensors

Venkatesh PL, Vivek C

Abstract: The safety locking system is designed to prevent accidents happening while opening the car door and to provide safety to passengers and pedestrians. To prevent accident due to passengers carelessness, in this planned to control the car door locking automatically using distance measuring system, child lock and ultrasonic sensors. Due to this passengers cant open their car door from inside while object is moving towards the car. The entire system is controlled with the help of advanced microcontroller. In this proposed system it will be fitted with a distance measuring ultrasonic sensor in car rear view mirror on both sides. This sensor sends and receives the signal near the outer surface of the car door. Due to this if any object approaches the car, the signal get reflect and received by the receiver. Due to quick return of the signal, the microcontroller sends signal to the child lock and it get activates according to the program performed on the micro controller. Due to this the passengers cant open the car from inside, so sudden opening can be prevented. But we can open the car from outside. If the object/person moved then the signal passes long distance and the receiving time get increased, so the controller sends the signal to the lock and it comes back to its original position.

Keywords: ultrasonic sensor, child lock, distance measuring system, car door accidents