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Gender in the Macedonian Adolescent Literature

Jovanka Denkova

Abstract: In this paper we refer to gender differences in the Macedonian literature for young readers, from teens. The approach will keep on several novels of postwar Macedonian literature for young people, and would be reviewed novels by writers from different generations, in order to see the approach to the treatment of gender differences. It is very obvious that at the writers of the older generation, the treatment of female adolescents is more patriarchal, in the sense that female adolescents as subservient to the authority of male adolescents. Their characters in the works themselves as marginalized, do not have equal representation in action, nor leave the opportunity to take some concrete action. The research on the particular material should show that unlike writers who work in the postwar period, when the issue of gender, sexuality or identity of the female adolescents is quite neglected, in the 80s appears a new generation of authors who are looking for the first time to those subtle differences in sensibility of young adolescents. But research also looks at the relationship between parents and family, to female adolescents, on the one hand and to the men on the other side.

Keywords: adolescence, Macedonian literature for youth, gender approach