Downloading: Preserving Privacy and Integrity of Shared Data Stored on Cloud via Tpa.
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Preserving Privacy and Integrity of Shared Data Stored on Cloud via Tpa.

Yogesh Lubal, V. S. Gaikwad

Abstract: The Cloud computing is a latest technology which offers number of facilities via internet. The Cloud server allows user to store their information remotely on a cloud storage and allows to enjoy on-demand services and application from the configurable resources without worrying about accuracy & integrity of data. And also provide the access to data from any location at any time. In cloud computing, data owner host their data on cloud servers and users access that data from cloud server. Due to outsourcing of data on cloud number of security challenges occurs. The auditing protocol is required to check the data integrity on the cloud. Cloud also provides efficient solution for sharing resources among the group. In a group, every member is able to host their data and access data stored by another group member. Owner of data is able to add new users in the group. Identity of user preserved from third party auditor. There are many internal and external threats, which affect on cloud data storage. Every time it is not possible for a user to download all data and verify integrity, so in this paper we proposed system named Privacy Preserving And Verification Of Integrity Threat By Tpa Of Shared Data In Cloud.

Keywords: Cloud Data Storage, Public Auditability, Data Auditing, Dynamic Data, Batch Auditing