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Signature Authentication Using Biometric Methods

A. S. Syed Navaz, K. Durairaj

Abstract: Signature identification using Biometrics methods is a well-studied problem in Biometrics. It involves the authentication of a person based on his signature. This paper is developed by using as a front end Ms Access as backend. Our method validates the signature based on hand movement when a person signs his signature. Our method has a unique advantage over existing systems. A signature can be drawn easily by other unintended persons in important documents. But it is sure that only the original person can sign with the same fast movement and correct sequence. Since our method tracks the movement sequence and the speed with which the person signs his signature, it is highly accurate for authentication than any other existing system. One of the main advantages of our method is computationally inexpensive, that is it uses minimum system resources, less memory and hence offers a very high speed of recognition. Also, the signature identification cannot be duplicated unlike the existing methods where the passwords could be cracked using trail-and-error methods. We implement the system using the GUI tools of VB.NET. He has to draw his signature using the mouse in the panel and he/she is entered into the website based on the recognition result.

Keywords: Biometric, Authentication, Signature, Palm, Scan