Downloading: An Efficient Method on Identification of Product Aspect and Ranking System
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An Efficient Method on Identification of Product Aspect and Ranking System

P. Sai Krishna, M. Geethalatha

Abstract: Identification of important product aspects become necessary as both consumers and firms are benefited by this. Consumers can easily make purchasing decision by paying attention to the important aspects as well as firms can focus on improving the quality of these aspects and thus enhance product reputation efficiently. The consumer reviews contain rich and valuable knowledge about the product. And this knowledge is very useful for both consumer and firm. Consumer can make wise purchasing decision by paying more attention towards important aspect or feature. And firm will concentrate on important features or aspect while improving the quality of the aspect. So in this proposed framework, this will identify the important aspect of product from online consumer reviews. The important aspects are commented again and again in consumer review and the consumers opinions on the important aspects are greatly influence their overall opinions on the product. From the consumer reviews the important aspect are identified by using NPL tool, and will classify the sentiment on that aspect, and finally we are going apply the ranking algorithm to determine the particular product rating.

Keywords: aspect identification, aspect Ranking, Consumer review, Product aspects, Sentiment classification