Downloading: Steganographic Method of Data Hiding using JPEG Images
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Steganographic Method of Data Hiding using JPEG Images

Shabana Vathelil Subair, Fathima A Muhammadali

Abstract: Steganography is an art of concealing the fact that communication is taking place, by hiding information in other information. Different formats can be used as medium, but digital images are the most popular in that, because of their frequency in the web. For hiding secret data in images there exist a large variety of steganographic methods, i.e. there exist complex method to simpler ones. Different applications may adopt different steganography techniques. Some applications may require complete invisibility of the secret information while some other may require a larger secret message to be hidden. This paper gives an overview of steganographic method in which we hide both text message and digital image in another digital image. To this end, the widely adopted framework for the development of the steganographic system is the minimal distortion embedding, in which a well-designed distortion function is the most important.

Keywords: JPEG steganography, uniform embedding, cover image, stego image, discrete cosine transform, quantization