Downloading: Exploration of New Simulation Tools for Wireless Sensor Networks
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Exploration of New Simulation Tools for Wireless Sensor Networks

B. Sai Chand, K. Raghava Rao, S. Sreedhar Babu

Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are formed by a large number of networked sensing nodes. To model analytically a WSN and it usually leads to oversimplified analysis with limited confidence. Deploying sensor networks test-beds supposes a huge effort. Therefore, simulation is essential to study WSN. However, it requires a suitable model based on solid assumptions and an appropriate framework to ease implementation. In addition, simulation results rely on the particular scenario under study (environment), hardware and physical layer assumptions, which are not usually accurate enough to capture the real behavior of a WSN, thus threatening the credibility of results. However, detailed models yields to scalability and performance issues, due to the large number of nodes that depending on application, have to be simulated. Therefore, the tradeoff between scalability and accuracy becomes a major issue when simulating WSN. In this illustration survey a suitable model for WSN simulation is introduced, highlighting features and criteria for choosing an appropriate simulation tool, model and framework.

Keywords: WSN, survey, scalability, framework, simulation, model