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ARM Based Event Data Recorder for Automobiles

Swati Kugaonkar

Abstract: This paper discusses the composition and function of the car black box. The system can record the main driving data in real time which can help people analyze an accident rapidly and accurately after a collision. The Car Black Box can receive real time data including speed, engine rpm, acceleration, turning action, brake, gear position, and lane departure. The design consists of ARM processor, CAN controller, pulse counter module, A/D convert module, storage unit, I/O interface, UART and different sensing modules. IR sensors and UV sensors are used for gear and brake position detection respectively. Collecting, processing and storing the multiple signals at the same time need real time processor having ability to read and write with high speed. Large capacity and long term data storage like SD card is required to maintain data without any damage and lost. This event data recorder provides the snapshots of the entire pre-crash, crash and post-crash events. It can be used in court cases to determine precisely what happened during a car accident. Thus it can be used for 1) safety purpose, 2) crash investigation, 3) evidence, 4) insurance purpose, 5) driver monitoring and training.

Keywords: Car black box, Event Data Recorder, Controller Area Network