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The Use of Rubrics in Creative Writing

Maya Bazhouni

Abstract: The rubrics are developed as a tool for the standardization of the students writing tasks performance. The application of this tool should be based on the idea of complementation of the instructions with the understandable description of the performance expectations. The application for APA format in this regard is a good practice for development of professional language among students and decrease of plagiarism through the proper referencing. The impact of diversity on the application of the rubric suggests the importance of the age, language, and culture in their development. The effective rubrics should incorporate the demands of diversity and emphasize on the supportive role of rubrics in writing instead of grading one. Finally, their development should contribute to the goals of the task and reflect the expectations toward performance, suggesting that rubrics can be used for the acknowledgment of the knowledge level or for providing the thoughtful feedback directed on writing and understanding improvement.

Keywords: rubrics, assessment, creative writing