Downloading: Residential Relocation among Adolescents in Military Families
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Residential Relocation among Adolescents in Military Families

Harveen Kaur, Sudeshna Lahiri

Abstract: The effects of the Military deployment of one or both parents on children and Families need to be understood in the context of Military culture as well as from developmental risk for maladjustment. Although research addressing such effects is very limited in both scope and certainty, but one can identify several key factors that relate to psychological risk, adjustment, and outcome. Most Military children have been resilient to the effects of deployment of at least one of their parents, but children with pre-existing psychological conditions, such as anxiety and depression have been particularly vulnerable, as well as children with speciic risk factors, such as child abuse. There has been urgent needs to better understand the impact of deployment on military children and families and to provide appropriate support for them, there is a dearth of research. Programs and interventions do exist, but definitive conclusions about what really works are by and large lacking. Programs that try to assist military children and families often focus only on the prevention or reduction of problems.

Keywords: Adolescents, Military Families and Residential Relocation