Downloading: Emotional Repercussions Involved in the (CO) Existence of the Inmates in the Closed Prisons
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Emotional Repercussions Involved in the (CO) Existence of the Inmates in the Closed Prisons

Juliana Ribeiro Branco Rodrigues Gregio, Roberto Garcia

Abstract: Considering that Brazil is one of the most incarcerating countries in the world and, taking into account the recent episodes of bloody rebellions in various prisons in the country and, on the other hand, existing trivialization of violence in the world, urges the necessity to build a society in which everybody has its guarantees and human rights safeguarded. The number of prisoners in Brazil grows in geometric progression, and taking into account the archaic prison structure of our country, several questions can be observed in the (co) existence of the prisoners in closed conditions, becoming a matter of extreme relevance in the present day. The aim of this bibliographic review research is to understand the emotional repercussions involved in the prison (co) existence of the convicts in closed conditions. With regard to the legal aspects and restorative justice, psychopathologicals and psycho-socials, this study proves the precariousness of the prison system, and the invisibility of approach to the subject in Brazil, by identifying serious consequences for the inmate population, which faces degrading situations within the prison, oftentimes due to overcrowding and manifestation of various mental disorders, and the lack of opportunities for resocialization. Thus, this study aims to give a voice to a complex and often veiled theme in the society and to alert to the importance of the future research continuity that will help us to build better strategies and actions of the public policies involved in (co) existence of prisoners in closed conditions.

Keywords: Prisoners in closed conditions Prison environment Psychopathology of incarcerated people