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Formation of Universe

T. Bharathi Mohan

Abstract: The Universe came into existence due to sudden explosion of the Singularity. This sudden explosion is called as Big Bang. The Big Bang might contain more than one explosion. Due to the sudden explosion, there were many numbers of pressure whirls with incredible speed of rotational motion formed first around the Singularity. After that, the Particles like electrons, quarks were thrown away by the exploded Singularity (Big Bang). The thrown away particles were caught hold by the whirls. The particles captured by the Whirls were colliding with each other and hence the matter came into being. The gravitational force also came into effect. The matters were accumulated and formed as Stars in later stage. A galaxy is constituted by millions of gravitationally bound stars. The Universe contains millions of galaxies

Keywords: Whirls, Uni-space, Flat Galaxy Beams