Downloading: Ripple Mattress Performance VS Standard Mattress Performance on Prolonged Bed Ridden Patients
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Ripple Mattress Performance VS Standard Mattress Performance on Prolonged Bed Ridden Patients

Dr. Akhil Kumar Gupta, Dr. Kunal Sharma

Abstract: Ripple mattress or blow up bed is a most effective preventive measure for pressure sores, ripple mattress reduce the share and friction between the bed and patient and safeguard them from pressure ulcers or bed sores. In this study we are assessing the efficiency of ripple mattresses over basic mattress.The study is based over 6 month hospital data of all the respective patients i.e. patients prone to develop pressure sores. Study involved the various factors influencing the formation of bed sores and their preventive measures. We made study over 80 patients which were divided into two groups based on mattress they used. 50 patients used ripple mattress while 30 patients used standard mattress.Of the 50 patients 5 (10 %) had old ulcers, while 3 (6 %) developed new ulcers, whereas 2 out of 5 patients using ripple mattresses had healing ulcers. On the other hand of the 30 patients using standard mattress 10 (33 %) had old ulcers while 8 (27 %) developed new ulcers whereas 4 out of 10 had progressive ulcers. On the finding of ulcers treatment plan was formulated. On receiving treatment all 8 (100 %) patients using ripple mattress get recovered.while only 6 (33 %) out of 18 patients on the standard mattress recovered. The studies revealed predominant difference in the healing status of patients using ripple mattress vs. standard mattress. As ripple mattress is more effective and efficient measure for bed sore patients, It should be recommended for early recovery. Ripple mattress is preventive cum treatment modality in ICU and Orthopedics spinal wards.

Keywords: Ripple mattress, standard mattress, pressure sores