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Millimeter Wave for Industrial Wireless Networks

Aripov Azimjon, Jinjiang Zhang

Abstract: Communication at millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies is defining a new era of wireless communication. The mmWave band offers higher bandwidth communication channels versus those presently used in commercial wireless systems. The applications of mmWave are immense: wireless local and personal area networks in the unlicensed band, 5G cellular systems, not to mention vehicular area networks, ad hoc networks, and wearable. Signal processing is critical for enabling the next generation of mmWave communication. Due to the use of large antenna arrays at the transmitter and receiver, combined with radio frequency and mixed signal power constraints, new multiple-input multiple-output communication signal processing techniques are needed. Because of the wide bandwidths, low complexity transceiver algorithms become important. There are opportunities to exploit techniques like compressed sensing for channel estimation and beam forming. This article provides an overview of signal processing challenges in mmWave wireless systems, mmWave 5G technologies, requirements, antenna and propagation challenges and some common applications of mmWaves.

Keywords: Millimeter Wave mmWave, 5G Technology