Downloading: Incidence and Morphological Patterns of Anemia in Northern Province of Kashmir: A Study at Tertiary Care Hospital
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Incidence and Morphological Patterns of Anemia in Northern Province of Kashmir: A Study at Tertiary Care Hospital

Qazi Imtiaz Rasool, Hakim Vaqar, Abdul Aziz Parry

Abstract: Anemia is one of the leading morbidity cause in subjects attending OPD in both the urban and rural tertiary care hospitals across the whole of India, Deficiency of various micronutrients i.e. Iron, Vit B, proteins, indirectly reflects the health, education, pharmaceutical economy and productivity of the entire nation. Anemia is likeany other clinical signs it does not give a diagnosis intrinsically. Defined as low hemoglobin levels below threshold levels, set for specific age and gender groups by the World Health Organization [WHO]various classification have been floating in medical education on anemia by different quarters of medical sciences i.e., pathology, medicine, while the treatment depends mostly on cause. Global Datas epidemiological analysis found the burden of anemia is shared significantly by developed countries also. A large variety of ailments i.e., nutritional disorders, menstrual disorders, is also an important preoperative investigation etc. Prevailing from infancy throughout the whole life up to and include geriatrics age group. India leads all the nations of world with 39.86 % affected, the other end of spectrum is Canada with 3 %, evening America and leading five countries of Europe [UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and France] it ranges from 5.610.74 %, making the disease a heavenly market for the pharmaceutical company. Subjects/Methods; - A prospective study was carried out on subjects attending OPD in Northern Province of Kashmir [A Study at Tertiary Care Hospital].Results. A total of 2011 individuals [789 men and 1222 women] were included in this study, incidence of anemia was 21 % among men and 32 % among women [P

Keywords: HcT: Hematocrit, Hb: Hemoglobin, MCH: Mean Cell Hemoglobin, MCHC: Mean Cell Hemoglobin Concentration, MCV: Mean Cell Volume, Red blood cell distribution width RDW or RDW-CV or RCDW and RDW-SD