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The Foreign Students Intercultural Communicative Experiences

Janet A. Mananay Ed.D

Abstract: This study analyzed and explored the lived experiences of the foreign students in the higher education in their intercultural communications. Employing Hursserlian qualitative design in phenomenological studies and Colaizzis 7 steps in data analysis, this study made use of in-depth interview to extract quality data. The foreign students who were the informants of the study have shared candidly their sojourn in the Philippines as regular college students in Southwestern University- PHINMA. Generally, their over-all experiences during their pre and actual sojourn were more on their acknowledgement of cultural differences, adjustments and understanding and how they have coped with the challenges of being in a foreign land especially in terms of expression and communication. Thus, the study came up with 3 significant themes: (1) I love it here, (2) I adjust to cultural differences, and (3) I am never the same person. Based on the data and the organized themes, three propositions were formulated (1) Positive environment leads to ease in communication, (2) Adapting to different cultures requires space and time, and (3) Personal transformations entail motivation, determination and improved perspectives and value of self.

Keywords: cultural adjustment and understanding, cultural competence, foreigners sojourn, intercultural communications, wider perspectives