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Branchial Cyst of Parotid

Dr. Rudraiah. H. G. M, Dr. Aniruddha Desai, Dr. Siddharth Kalke, Dr. Gautam Balaram

Abstract: Branchial cyst of parotid are a rare form of benign parotid cysts and are also known as Benign Lymphoepithelial Cysts of the Parotid. They comprise less than 1 % of all branchial anomalies. They are difficult to diagnose on aspiration cytology and a correct diagnosis is established via histopathology of the excised specimen. Although pleomorphic adenomas are the most common parotid tumors, it is prudent to consider other differential diagnosis such as Mucoepidermoid tumors, Carcinomas, Lymphoepithelial cyst, etc. Inconsistent radiological and cytology findings can confuse the surgeon about the correct diagnosis of the case. Here we present such a case of Branchial cyst of parotid.

Keywords: Branchial, Cyst, Parotid, Parotidectomy