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Himalayan Herbal Plant: Bhramkamal

Arti Sharma, Ranjeet Singh

Abstract: Medicinal plant have been greatly used as natural medicines. Medicinal plant contain various chemical constituents which are used in various medicines and in the synthesis of useful drugs. S.obvallata found in Himalayas and uttrakhand, himachal Pradesh. S. Obvallata is medicinal herb and also used for religious purpose. It has bitter taste and entire plant is used. S.obvallata is perennial plant and hermaphrodite plant. Bhramkamal plant bloom in mid monsoon mainly bloom in august to September month. Due to excessive use of bhramkamal plant for medicinal and religious purpose major is cause to decline in its population. Many type of action can be taken in the favour of conservation and suistanable use of medicinal plant.

Keywords: Medicinal plant, Bhramkamal, Overuse, Religious,