Downloading: A Review of Rasakalpas in the Management of Prameha
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A Review of Rasakalpas in the Management of Prameha

Mangala Jadhav, Sameeksha Rahate, Anjali Menon

Abstract: Prameha is described as a disease in Ayurveda having the main clinical feature of excessive micturition. The intake of food increasing the Kaphadosha and a sedentary lifestyle form a major contributing factor to it. Madhumeha is an advanced form of Prameha, wherein the person suffering is said to pass honey-like urine just as seen in Diabetes mellitus. Having similar clinical course, the two diseases have been compared by many scholars. The use of Herbo-Mineral compounds, incinerated ash of various elements and also medications containing heavy metals in the management of Prameha has many benefits over the use of plain herbal compounds - ease of drug dosaging, palatability and potency of the medication being few. These medications are collectively known as Rasakalpas. A number of Rasakalpas useful in Madhumeha and Prameha have been mentioned in the texts. While some of these are regularly being used by Ayurvedic Practitioners, a major portion remains untouched. This review focuses on these medications which remain largely out of clinical practice and may have much unearthed potential in treating the condition.

Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, Herbo-Mineral compounds, Madhumeha, Prameha, Rasakalpa