Downloading: The Factors Impact Tuberculosis Disease Elimination on HIV/AIDS in South Sudan
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The Factors Impact Tuberculosis Disease Elimination on HIV/AIDS in South Sudan

John Yata Raymond Lubari, Ge Hong, Alladoumbaye Ngueilbaye

Abstract: many countries researchers have researched the Tuberculosis (TB) disease intensively and tremendously. The TB disease and HIV/AIDS continue to be great threat in South Sudan, to minimize the risks and causing factors that clue to effective control of TB disease and highlighted the most detected factors that impacts TB disease elimination on HIV/AIDS. We aimed at detected factors and test them whether can contribute to TB elimination or has significance impact on TB and HIV/AIDS. In the research we includes the various approaches to different age groups, medical staffs, patients and some knowledgeable persons in Juba Teaching Hospital. Since the research work is applied quantitative and qualitative method, we collect the information of recorded admitted sick patients in 2017. The particular software used in analysis is SPSS, the statistical methodology of implementation were ANOVA to find level of significance of different means, Chi-Square Test to compare the relationship between TB and HIV/AIDS. Therefore, in this projects recommendations if is noted well and embraced, it would address the TB disease elimination in the population. This project is proposed towards Tuberculosis disease elimination by looking into current cases detected on individuals with active cases finding within special groups.

Keywords: Impact Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, Elimination, detected factors, ANOVA, Chi Square Test