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Praxis Intervention: An Alternative Approach to Development

Sunitha LF

Abstract: PRAXIS INTERVENTION - An Alternative Approach to Development Praxis intervention is a form of participatory action research. Praxis intervention model emphasizes working on the paxis potential and its Participants. Praxis Potential means members potential to reflexively work on their respective mentalities. Praxis intervention aims at leading its members through a participant objectivation.The Praxis intervention method prioritizes unsettled the settled mentalities, especially where the settled mindsets prevalent in the social world or individuals is suspected to have sustained or contributed to their suffering or marginality. Praxis is intimately concerned with learning and refection. By thinking about what one does in Practice, one does more than just accumulate knowledge.Praxis is an active and interdependent process which links the human mind with the external world through activity with others. Praxis has also been associated with critical theory, not because praxis is interested in changing the social order per se, but because it is a dialectical method that can bridge the theory-practice and object-subject gaps. In doing so, it can promote human integrity, freedom, and transformation through its recognition of the adaptability of human nature.

Keywords: Praxis, participant objectivation, critical reflection, phronesis, clientele