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Indirect Composite Resin Inlays-Onlays: A Clinical Report

Saida Ziada, Mohamed Chebil, Neyla Zokkar, Lotfi Bhouri

Abstract: Restorations of the teeth with the minimal sacrifice of dental structure form the basis of the practice of dentistry today. Tthe adaptation of this principle leads us to focus on the vital teeth direct and indirect restorations with the composite. Direct restorations with composite resins for large cavities, and despite real progress in recent years, however, pose a number of esthetic and functional problems such as the difficulty of obtaining a satisfactory point of contact, to reach the proximal limits during polymerization and aging. Indirect restorations, in addition to their esthetic properties, can provide greater durability through more precise control of cervical margins, preservation of surface condition, anatomical shape, marginal integrity and occlusion and therefore decrease postoperative sensitivities. The objective of this article is to detail, through a clinical case report, the steps of indirect restoration of a dilapidated teeth by composite resin inlays-onlays.

Keywords: nanofilled composite, dental esthetic, inlays-onlays, laminate, bonding