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Inabaknon Proverbs: Retrieval and Translation into English

Maria Alfe Gordo-Banawis

Abstract: This etnolinguistic study retrieved and translated into English the proverbs of the people of Capul, Northern Samar. Specifically, it categorized the Inabaknon proverbs according to nature, range of subject matter, form and style, find out its structure, noted the extra-linguistic features, determined the figurative language used, find out how the culture or worldview of the people are reflected, and knew the techniques employed in the translation. One hundred sixty (160) proverbs were collected and analyzed. It was categorized for their general attitudes towards life and laws that govern life, ethical, system of values, general truths and observations about life, humorous, and miscellaneous. It revealed that proverbs were prose statements in couplets with neither rhyme nor measure both in the original text and the English translation. Conditional construction, analogy, simile, metaphor, hyperbole, contrast, comparison, and parallelism were the figurative language used. The functions were restraining, regulating, advising and tempering. The extra-linguistic features were hand gestures and facial expressions to state the degree of seriousness as to the proverbs wisdom and spirit. The dominant worldview reflected is the Capuleos religiosity. Free and word for word translation, functional and descriptive equivalent, and paraphrasing were utilized.

Keywords: Proverbs, retrieval, translation, extra-linguistic, traditional bearer