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Analysis of Authentication Method

Shilpa S. Nagargoje, Sarika B. Solanke

Abstract: The iris authentication method gives the more security privacy preserving and cross matching resistance are the properties that iris biometric security system must implement during authentication. There are two categories of biometric identifiers namely physiological and behavioral characteristics. A large portion of system breaches proxy based or biometrics based are caused by authentication method. In this, I survey a biometrics based user centric authentication approach. This method involves introducing a reference subject (RS), securely fusing the user iris biometrics with the RS, generating a BioCapsule (BC) from the fused biometrics, and employing BC for authentication. Such as approach is user friendly, privacy-preserving and revocable once a BC is compromised. The fusion process applies to different stages of biometric processing such as signal, feature or template level. The fusion based BC construction is more usable and flexible, while also secure, resilient to different attacks, and tolerant to the closure of both the RS and BC. It also supports oneclick sign-on across system by fusing the users biometrics with a distinct RS on each system.

Keywords: BioCapsule BC, Reference Subject RS, Iris Recognition, Cancelable Biometric CB, Biometric Cryptosystem BCS, Cross Matching Resistance CMR