Downloading: Analysis Development of Society Participation in Forest Area of Papantiri Sub-Province of Muna
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Analysis Development of Society Participation in Forest Area of Papantiri Sub-Province of Muna

Dasmin Sidu

Abstract: Target of this research is to analysis development of society participation around forest area of Papantiri in order to management of everlasting forest and fulfill management standard of ecology aspect, social and economic. Data which is needed in this research consist of primary data and secondary data obtained by using some technique for example perception, interview and documentation of Forum Group Discussion (FGD). Analysis Data which is used in growth of society participation in management of forest area use method analysis descriptive. Result of research indicate that (1) mount society participation of Papantiri in arranging area can be developed as participation capital in management of forest base on society (2) model management of forest formulated by society represent result of conducted planning partisipatively without entangling local government, (3) management of conducted area in this time only limited to planting season crop like maize of vegetables and tubers and some of these is planting plantation crop like banana, cocoa, other fruits crop and coconut, differing from with conducted planning in it cover interposing some of area use pattern of agro forestry the including interposing of wood crop, and (iv) of is reason of society in development of season crop in Forest Area of Papantiri there is no and agreement of legitimacy which from government handling problems of forest of Papantiri about managed area status. So that when local government give program which related to return of forest function like program of Gerhan and reboisation by allotting seed to society, they shy at to planting it.

Keywords: Model Forest Management, Community-Based Forest Management, Society Participation