Downloading: Improvement of Orthopantography (OPG) Images using Texture Analysis
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Improvement of Orthopantography (OPG) Images using Texture Analysis

Yousif Mohamed Y. Abdallah, Reham I. Abdelwahab

Abstract: This paper presented an appropriate approach for the robust estimation of noise statistic in dental panoramic x-rays images. To achieve maximum image quality after denoising, a new, low order, local adaptive Gaussian Scale Mixture model is presented, which accomplishes nonlinearities from scattering. State of art methods use multi scale filtering of images to reduce the irrelevant part of information, based on generic estimation of noise. The usual assumption of a distribution of Gaussian and Poisson statistics only lead to overestimation of the noise variance in regions of low intensity (small photon counts), but to underestimation in regions of high intensity and therefore to non-optional results. The analysis approach is tested on 20 samples from a database of 50 panoramic X-rays images and the results are cross validated by medical experts. In this thesis, prominent constraints are firstly preservation of image's overall look; secondly preservation of the diagnostic content in the image and thirdly detection of small low contrast details in diagnostic content of the image. As shown in previously, state of the art methods provide non-convincing results. The new approach is funded on an attempt to interpret the problem from the view of blind source separation (BSS), thus to see the panoramic image as a simple mixture of (unwanted) background information, diagnostic information and noise.

Keywords: Orthopantograph, Image processing, Enhancement, MatLab

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