Downloading: A Newly Proposed Light-Weight Technique to Secure Videos
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A Newly Proposed Light-Weight Technique to Secure Videos

Ronak Dak, Dharm Singh, Naveen Choudhary

Abstract: In this growing digital world; everything is on air and a lot of multimedia data flows online every second. Day by day more and more multimedia technologies are being introduced and videos are the emerging multimedia content to be taken care of. There are several fields like military; medical and commercial susceptible information that need to be secured or may only be shown partially to the users. Over the last few years numerous encryption algorithms are introduced to secure and protect the video during transmission. Along with that many efficient multimedia encryption schemes are introduced and real world is using those techniques. In this paper; a new technique is proposed to secure the transmission of the video over wireless networks. This technique includes the functionality of three algorithms and introducing a more efficient technique to encrypt the video sequences. This technique is to encrypt the individual frame and using this technique over all video frame sequences to encrypt the video and this will multiply the security effects of the single frame over the full video sequence.

Keywords: SCAN, DES, Encryption, Entropy, NPCR, UACI