Downloading: Geographical Based Routing Protocols in VANET Architecture
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Geographical Based Routing Protocols in VANET Architecture

Amita Jaiswal, Arun Kumar Shukla

Abstract: VANET is the core of Intelligent Transportation Systems where the vehicles are able to communicate with each other through beacon messages to make aware of the traffic problems; any other road accidents; assistance to the driver; new updates from stores and malls; etc. The VANET architecture comprises of Vehicle to Vehicle Communication (V2V) ; Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication (V2I) ; Vehicle to Roadside Communication (V2R). Each communication two different environments i.e.; City Environment and Highway Environment. Now these two environments have different types of traffic problems due to which the vehicle density is sometimes sparse and sometimes dense. In this paper; geographical based VANET routing protocols have been discussed and we have tried to find out which routing protocol will be more suitable in the VANET architecture. As the previous works shows that the protocols which are used in VANET are the MANET protocols for routing information. But since VANET is different from MANET in several ways; so there is a need to develop protocols which are purely based on VANET architecture. Finally; we have described some geographical based routing protocols which can be used in VANET.

Keywords: VANET, MANET, VANET architecture