Downloading: Augmenting the Network Lifetime through Enhanced LEACH
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Augmenting the Network Lifetime through Enhanced LEACH

Swati Singh, Puneet Sandhu

Abstract: The wireless sensor network (WSN) is a type of wireless ad hoc network that consists of large number of sensors that are effective for gathering data in a variety of environments. Since the sensors operate on a battery of limited power; it is very important to have the maximum lifetime of the network. Therefore; to continue maximum lifetime between sensor nodes; it is necessary to utilize efficient clustering algorithm. For better lifetime of the network; energy saving protocol Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH) is in trend. In this research both of these aspects have been considered. This research presents an improved version of LEACH protocol which aims to reduce energy consumption within the WSN and prolong the lifetime of the network. The research work studies the clustering protocol energy-efficient LEACH and cooperative multi input and multi output (EE-LEACH-MIMO). The network lifetime is considered during the study. The LEACH protocol has been augmented adding the parameter of angle. During the research work the augmented protocol is analyzed and compared with the existing EE-LEACH-MIMO protocol.

Keywords: WSN, LEACH, cluster head, network lifetime