Downloading: Routing in MANET and the Various Threats: A Survey
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Routing in MANET and the Various Threats: A Survey

Anita, Er. Abhilasha

Abstract: Wireless network is a network established using radio signal frequency to communicate among computers and other network devices. One such network is MANET which is a self configuring infrastructure-less network of mobile devices connected wirelessly. Wireless adhoc network like MANET consists of a number of mobile nodes that communicate with each other without the help of any fixed infrastructure or centralized network. Each device is free to join or leave the network whenever required. Therefore in this case; security is a big issue as the chances of attacks are severe. Various routing protocols used to set up a wireless connection are Reactive protocols like DSR; AODV; TORA and then the proactive protocols like DSDV; OLSR. Also there are the hybrid protocols that include ZRP. Any of these can be used for routing as per the requirement of the network. The various attacks are possible when it comes to a network like MANET. These may be Black hole attack; Grayhole attack; wormhole attack; Selective packet drop. Selective packet dropping attack is very complex and difficult to isolate. We discuss various algorithms and methods to identify selective packet drop in MANET and isolate it as much possible. We also compare methods for further improvement in the same.

Keywords: MANET, Adhoc network, Selective packet drop, AODV