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Secure Public Auditing for Cloud Data Storage

Madhumati B. Shinde, Dr. Sonkamble Sulochana B

Abstract: Cloud computing has become a very popular buzzword. Today most of the business depends on the cloud, it realized as a pillar for IT industry.The most obvious advantage from the use of cloud computing systems and technologies is cloud computing is the most cost efficient method to use, maintain and upgrade. Due to this increasing economical condition with minimum maintenance & operational costs related to IT software and infrastructure. By using cloud storage, users store their data at remote location, data can delivered to the user on-demand for high-quality applications and services. Cloud storage is nothing but large shared configurable computing resources, that can minimize the burden of local data storage and maintenance on the user.The cloud has changed the way application software and databases are stored has. Now days they are stored in cloud data centers by using storage servers. The major concern in cloud data storage is the security of the data which is stored on cloud. The new phenomenon which is used to store and manage data without capital investment has brought many security challenges which are not thoroughly understood. This paper focuses on the security and integrity of data stored in cloud data servers. The data integrity verification is done by using a third party auditor who is authorized to check integrity of data periodically on behalf of client.

Keywords: Data storage, privacy preserving, public auditability, cloud computing, cloud service provider CSP, TPA Third Party Auditor, CSS Cloud Storage Server