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Stress in Medical Education and its Management

Mohd Nazeer, Razia Sultana

Abstract: Stress in medical education is common and process-oriented. This review reports the causes and period of stress, gender issues, stress response, coping strategies, stress management and suggestions for its management. Since stress is reported world over, it should be dealt as a global issue, with its prevention, identification and management made an integral part of medical curriculum. Stress in medical education often exerts negative effect on their academic performance, physical health, and psychological well being. Research related to this stress especially among medical students is essential, considering their learning, role and responsibilities as a future physician and health intervention program. The most common sources of stress were related to academic and psychosocial concerns. Meditation, emotional support, diet, sleeping for long hours and exercise are some of the stress relieving factors adopted by the medical students. In order to make a good physician, stress in medical under-graduation should be acknowledged during the formative years of the medical education. Review of academics, exam schedules and patterns, better interaction with the faculty and proper guidance, intervention programs and counselling could certainly help a lot to reduce stress in medical students.

Keywords: Medical students, stress, stress factors, coping strategies, stress management