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Vampire Attack: Energy Efficient Trust Based Solution

Pritam M. Channawar, Dr. Y. V.Chavan

Abstract: In sensing and common computing ad hoc low-power wireless networks are an exciting research direction. Earlier security scheme in this area has focused mainly on denial of communication at the routing or medium access control levels. This paper redefines resource depletion attacks at the routing protocol layer. This attack permanently disables networks by quickly draining nodes battery power. These Vampire attacks are not specific to any specific protocol, but depend on the properties of many popular classes of routing protocols. We discussed all protocols are susceptible to Vampire attacks, which are dangerous, difficult to detect, and are very easy to carry out using very few such as one malicious insider sending only protocol-compliant messages. With this, a single Vampire can increase network-wide energy usage by a factor of O (N), here N in the number of network nodes in the network. Proposed algorithm finds the solution for carousal attack and stretch attack to achieve better security. Also trust based energy efficient technique is adopted to keep network active in vampire attack, it also help to detect and avoid malicious nodes in the routing phase.

Keywords: Security, routing, ad hoc networks, medium access control, wireless networks