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An Empirical Study: Emotional Influence of Indian Classical Raagas on Face

Ashish A. Bardekar

Abstract: In this paper, we had studied that different types of classical raga music evokes different feelings and emotions. Certain raags produces peace happiness, cheerfullness, sad and Depression mood. According to Indian aesthetics, each poem or musical composition produces a certain rasa (emotion). Local Binary Patterns (LBP) have been well exploited for facial image analysis in the existing work, the LBP histograms are extracted from local facial regions, and used as a whole for the regional description. In this empirical paper we studied LBP Histogram (LBP) bins for the task of facial expression recognition while listening to Indian classical ragas. Our experiments illustrate that the selected LBP bins provide a compact and discriminative facial expression representation. The selected LBP bins will be used to obtain the best recognition performance rate on collected database. The local binary pattern (LBP) operator is defined as a gray-scale invariant texture measure, derived from a general definition of texture in a local neighborhood. Due to its discriminative power and computational simplicity, the LBP texture operator has become a popular approach in various applications, including visual inspection, image retrieval, remote sensing, biomedical image analysis, motion analysis, environment modeling, and outdoor scene analysis.Subjective evaluation shows that Indian classical raags evokes certain emotions & feelings which can be reflect on the human face and was evaluated using LBP approach.

Keywords: LBP, Facial Expression Analysis, Histogram, Classical raags, Emotional Face Expression