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Genetic Analysis of Cyto-sterile Lines in Rice (Oryza sativa L)

Rajesh Singh, B Singh, S. K. Sahoo, R. P. Srivastava

Abstract: The variability in floral traits of Cyto-sterile lines is very useful particularly for breeding CMS lines with high out crossing potential in rice. In the present study an attempt has been made to study variability and association among floral traits. Ten cyto-sterile lines and their maintainers, possessing Wild Abortive (WA) type of stable cytoplasm were studied for Heritability, Genetic Advance and Correlation among floral traits influencing out crossing in rice. Significant positive correlation were observed between stigma breath with anther breadth & anther size; percentage of stigma exsertion with stigma length, angle of opened florets and style length; angle of opened florets with style length; stigma length with anther length; duration of opening of floret with percentage of stigma exsertion, angle of opened florets, filament length and filament length after elongation; stigma breadth with stigma surface, anther breadth and anther size; anther breadth with anther size and filament length; filament length with filament length after elongation. Characters such as blooming, angle of florets, stigma exsertion, stigma breadth, stigma surface, style length, anther breadth and filament showed high broad sense heritability coupled with medium genetic advance, were useful trait for genetic improvement.

Keywords: Correlation, Cyto-sterile line, Genetic advance Heritability, Rice

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