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Gesture Recognition based 3D HCI

Ramandeep Kaur, Vijay Laxmi

Abstract: Digital Image Processing is one of the basic and important tools in the image processing and computer vision. Gestures are expressive, meaningful body motions involving physical movements of the fingers, hands, arms, head, face, or body with the intent of conveying meaningful information or interacting with the environment. Gesture recognition has wide-ranging applications. Creating a virtual human computer interaction device such as mouse or keyboard using a webcam and computer vision techniques can be an alternative way for the touch screen. Many researchers in the human computer interaction and robotics fields have tried to control mouse movement using video devices. This kind of human-machine interfaces would allow a user to control a wide variety of devices through hand gestures. This paper proposes the controlling of an object in virtual 3D environment using the data fetched from extracting and tracking gestures from live images. Cascade object detector will be used to detect the gestures. Cascade object detector can be trained to detect a variety of objects. Based on the detected hand gestures, we will control different operations on the object in 3D environment.

Keywords: Gesture, Human Machine Interface HMI, Human Computer Interface HCI, 3-Dimension, recognition

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