Downloading: An Overview on Developments in Biodiesel Production from Algae
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An Overview on Developments in Biodiesel Production from Algae

Jagadevkumar A Patil, Praveen Honaguntikar

Abstract: Biofuels and bioproducts produced from plant biomass would mitigate global warming. The sourcing of feedstocks, including the impact it may have on biodiversity and land use and competition with food crops. Algae have recently received a lot of attention as a new biomass source for the production of renewable energy.. Biodiesel feed stocks derived from microalgae and macroalgae have emerged as one of the most promising alternative sources of lipid for use in biodiesel production. Among these microalgae seem to be promising source of biofuel because they are readily available in nature, the raw materials required are the sunlight, water, carbon dioxide and nutrients ( and N), [1, 2]. They are the most fast-growing plant on earth and has short life cycle. Oil content in microalgae can exceed 80 % by weight of dry biomass., Algae biodiesel manufacturers are building biodiesel plants close to energy manufacturing plants that produce lots of carbon dioxide. Recycling carbon dioxide reduces pollution. Many countries are now doing extensive research on algae. Considering these facts, this paper provides an overview on developments in biodiesel production from algae.

Keywords: Algaeoil, Biodiesel, Transesterification, Pyrolysis, Nanofarming