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Survey on Security in Personalized Web Search

Kiran Jagdish Khandelwal, L. J. Sankpal

Abstract: Nowadays, web has become vast source of Information. In process of acquiring that information, search engines play an important role. The use of World Wide Web is increasing rapidly over the years. Number of search results are obtained or showed by search engines, but less accuracy and poor quality of search results make hard for user to gain information that is needed. In recent years search engines has come up with advanced techniques. Users are not interested to spend time for crucial queries for search. It has found that if search results are late and inaccurate then users are not interested. Require of current situation is to provide immediate and accurate search results. This need can be solved implementing personalized web environments. As it is becoming important aspect to provide personalized web environments many techniques and approaches have developed. But at the same time security of personalized web searches has also gained significance in which personal/private information can not be disclosed by web searches. Personalized web search is proving its effectiveness but also raising matter of privacy and securing personal information. Many personalization methods have been exposed and put into practice. But it is not sure that those methods will make sure their efficiency in dissimilar queries for different users. In this paper we will discuss on require of personalized web search and securing personalized information.

Keywords: Personalized web search, Personalization Techniques, Privacy, Information Retrieval, Immediate and Accurate Results