Downloading: Role of Ultrasound and Colour Doppler in Scrotal Pain
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Role of Ultrasound and Colour Doppler in Scrotal Pain

Dr. Vikram Patil, Dr. SM Chandrashekar Shetty

Abstract: 100 patients coming to JSS with scrotal pain between November 2011 and August 2014 were studied. Each patient was examined in multiple planes using 7.5MHz-10MHz variable frequencies with colour and pulse Doppler 5MHz frequency probe was used in a few cases who had large scrotal mass. Most of the patients in our study belong to age group between 20-40 years (68 %).In our study, Inflammatory conditions were noted in 40 patients, non inflammatory causes were seen in 51 patients, traumatic lesions noted in 5 patients.In our study, of 51 patients of non-inflammatory causes of scrotal pain, 5 patients had neoplastic lesions; remaining 46 patients had non-neoplastic lesions.Among the 12 cases of varicocele we observed 2 cases of the rare entity of intravascular varicocele. High-frequency ultrasonography enables in clear demonstration of morphological alterations associated with acute scrotal inflammatory diseases, and colour Doppler sonography is highly sensitive in diagnosing acute scrotal pathology. In addition, Colour Doppler sonography accurately differentiates between testicular ischemia and torsion from acute inflammatory diseases in acute painful scrotal conditions.High frequency ultrasonography is highly sensitive in differentiating solid from cystic scrotal masses, detecting intratesticular microlithiasis, demonstrating normalcy of testes and epididymis in presence of large hydroceles and is highly sensitive in demonstrating the varicoceles. The advantages of High frequency US and colour Doppler includes non-invasiveness, lack of ionizing radiation, simplicity, wide availability, cost effectiveness and repeatability.We conclude that High-frequency ultrasonography and colour Doppler sonography is an extremely valuable tool in evaluation of scrotal and testicular pathologies

Keywords: Ultrasonography, colour doppler, testis, scrotum, inflammatory, non-inflammatory