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Ilija Lakicevic

Abstract: Transmutation is not properly understood in science due the wrong concepts of atom, energy, mass, gravity, electric current, magnetism, heat and light. Transmutation is the inherent ability within human's consciousness to transmute energy into any form that human chooses. It is based on true deep understanding - feeling - what energy is, and how it works in order to serve human consciousness according to the true law of attraction based on human's ability to create reality and to manifest that which comes from human's passion and desire. Transmutation means modification through knowledge of space-geometry, mathematics, the wave of gravity control and the nature of electric current, in order to successfully control that modification. Today's science is based on deceptive sense information gained through observation. In this civilization emerges new science based on knowledge of cause and on the true concepts and laws of creation.

Keywords: transmutation, consciousness, knowledge