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Understanding Principles of Physics from Feminist Lens

Anupreeta Chatterjee

Abstract: Physics is considered as the ultimate truth which can be verified using formulas and these formulated frameworks lead to formation of theories of Physics. Science of ordering the nature led to its exploitation and nature’s subordination in the field of Sciences is leading to production of androcentric knowledge which is not capable of dealing with issues in a sustainable way. For creating a sustainable knowledge in Sciences, we need more women to participate in creating alternative sciences because the Science of energy is a cumulation of both masculine and feminine energies but these energies are co-existing to form a balance in nature. Thus, we cannot undermine femininity so as to address ecological problems. Nature is supreme to every knowledge we have created or we are in the process of creating. It has relevant solutions to our problems only if we are able to understand it instead of exploiting it. This article would emphasize on how feminist sciences can help in creating a balance in nature.

Keywords: Physics, Sciences, Nature, Eco-Feminism, Alternative Sciences

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