Downloading: Cultural Ecology and Linguistic Choices
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Cultural Ecology and Linguistic Choices

Dr. Mona Mohammed Abbas Hamza

Abstract: The issue of culture and its relationship to language, in general, has been controversial for long time, and cultural ecology, as a new interest for researchers is a challenging issue in particular. With the up-rise of environmentalism, cultural ecology and its association with linguistic choices has been the focus point for such a great number of linguists in terms of how language is formed since it is profoundly affected by the surrounding environment. This paper is an attempt to probe the effect of ecological system on the general social trends of language and accents in the rural areas in particular. The objective of the study is to contribute my best to highlight the psychological and social effect on the verbal communication and how it is influenced by the environmental features governing the lifestyle of particular rural communities. The study is expected to contribute to the global efforts to shed the light on how communicative strategies are formed through the use of words genuinely related to ecology. The researcher has followed the analytical descriptive method.

Keywords: Culture, Linguistic, Language