Downloading: A Review on Wound Healing Properties of Coat Buttons
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A Review on Wound Healing Properties of Coat Buttons

Landge M.M, Somthane P.N

Abstract: Nature has been a source of medicinal agents for thousands of years and an impressive number of modern drugs have been isolated from natural resources. Herbs are natural remedies for the disease with higher safety profile and efficacy. India is gifted with varieties of large number of medicinal herbs because of variety of climatic conditions and seasons favorable for growth of many species of plants. Tridax procumbens L is a highly valuable drug and is one of the essential ingredients in the most of the compound preparations included in Ayurvedic literature. Leaf extracts can be used to treat infectious skin diseases in folk medicines. Antioxidant properties have also been found in this plant. This review focus on folk occurrence and the wide pharmacological activities like hepatoprotective activity, antiinflammatory, wound healing, antidiabetic activity, hypotensive effect, immunomodulating property, bronchial catarrh, dysentery, diarrhea and to prevent falling of hair, promotes the growth of hair, and antimicrobial activity against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria Tridax procumbens.

Keywords: Herbs, Tridax procumbens coat buttons, pharmacological activities, microscopy, leaf juice