Downloading: Response and Adaptation of Plants to Water Purchases
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Response and Adaptation of Plants to Water Purchases

Ratna Rositawati

Abstract: Environmental factors that affect plant growth and development can be divided into two, namely the biotic and abiotic environment. The abiotic environment can be divided into several factors, namely: temperature, water, light, soil and atmosphere. Water in plant tissues, in addition to functioning as the main constituent of tissues, is actively conducting physiological activities. Drought stress is a term used to state that plants suffer from water shortages due to limited water from their environment, which is the growing media. Water shortages in plants occur due to insufficient water availability in the media and excessive transpiration or a combination of these two factors. In the field, although there is enough water in the country, plants can experience stress (lack of water). The mechanism of plant adaptation to overcome drought stress is by cell osmotic regulation. Drought stress which has various adverse impacts on plant growth and development is a threat in the practice of crop cultivation to be developed, especially in the prolonged dry season.

Keywords: Response, Adaptation and Water Stress