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Maria vs. Maria

Rosemarie Villapana Amaro

Abstract: Maria is said to be submissive, less-opportune, and portrayed as women only at home throughout the years. This study compared the women in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Paper and Nick Joaquin’s May Day Eve to unleash Marias’ portrayals at home and society. It also exposed on Maria’s conflicts with women, men, and society and lastly, it explored Marias in fiction vis-à-vis Marias in the Philippine setting. The research study is qualitative in nature using descriptive design which was being analyzed with the use of the theories of Feminism and Mimetic. The findings of the study revealed that: (1) Maria in May Day Eve is strong while Maria in The Yellow Paper is mentally-ill; (2) Marias are both obedient while men are aggressive and highly centered as patriarchal society; (3) Marias sometimes in fiction and in real situations portray mentally-ill and outspoken. In conclusion, Marias are submissive, but sometimes outspoken. Women have to be more available-ready in order to battle strongly in each trials.

Keywords: gender issues, Literature, Maria, women