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Self Help Groups: A Mechanism for Social Entrepreneurship

Dr. Gaonkar Gopalakrishna M, Manjunatha M

Abstract: It may be rural or urban economy, the social entrepreneurship is need of the day in the present world. Social entrepreneurship maybe profit or nonprofit oriented but the goal is to involve the members of the society in the efforts of the all-round progress of the country. Self Help Group is one such mechanism which tries to promote social entrepreneurship in different dimensions.Even today major part of Indian population is concentrated in rural area and they are still believe and follow a number of customs and traditions. In such condition to initiate social entrepreneurship one has face a number of hurdles and Challenges.The major objectives of building participatory institutions of the poor such as SHGs is to provide the members with an opportunity and the space to develop a vision/mission, to develop and maintain organisational and financial management systems, to grow in confidence and skills to manage their lives and promote their interests in the private and public domains, to establish the linkages required for an institution to function effectively and sustainably, and to support its members to become agents of social change. SHGs are highly supportive in a number of ways to develop social entrepreneurship and come over the hurdles in their way. Thus, definitely, SHG’s can be one of the mechanisms to promote social entrepreneurs.

Keywords: social entrepreneurs, SHG, mechanism, hurdles, skills Attitudes